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Veneer is widely use to modify color, shape, length, and/or alignment to close space and to restore fracture teeth. This procedure normally include minimal tooth structure removal. We provide 2 types of veneer.

  1. Porcelain veneer : because of their conservative preparation and beautiful esthetics, porcelain veneers have become the treatment of choice for restoration of the anterior dentition. A significant number of long term clinical studies confirm their excellent durability.
    • Excellent esthetic and durability, more conservative than crown.
    • Involve multiple patient appointments and need laboratory procedure (total treatment time 7- 10 days) First appointment for teeth preparation and taking impression and second appointment for cementation.
  2. Resin composite veneer : resin composite will be bonded directly to the teeth, chair side.
    • Can be placed in one visit without laboratory involvement.
    • More conservative in the preparation.
    • Easier to repair in case of chipping, fracture.
    • The cost to the patient is generally lower than for ceramic veneers.

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